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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commenly asked question we get.  It might save you some time…

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Are you able to handle small jobs?

Yes, and we give the same level of service to all our customers!

What materials can you electroplate on?

Brass (the best metal to work with), Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.
We specialize in Plumbing Fixtures and Door Hardware.
Note: Plastic items that are already Chrome-Plated can probably be re-plated.
No Car Wheels or Bumpers.

What are the Charges?

$150 Minimum for Standard Finishes (all previously created finishes).
$250 Minimum for Standard Gold / Silver Finishes (all previously created precious metal finishes).
Ballpark Estimates can usually be given from emails and/or pictures. At No Charge.
Hard Quotes require physical product in-house and cost $75. Which is credited to that order.

How long does an order take?

Our normal lead time is 4 to 6 weeks. But that can change.
If quicker or guaranteed lead times are needed, RUSH options MAY be available.
RUSH Options 3-5 Days 150% (of the plating costs), 10 Days 100%, 15 Days 50%.

Can you send me one of your Standard Finish samples?

We are not able to stock samples of every finish, at all times. So, they are made to order. See some options below.
Option 1: If Customer provides the small piece that is used for the requested finish. That sample costs $50 each.
Option 2: If PSP provides the small piece that is used for the requested finish. That Sample costs $75 each.
NOTE: The cost for any Standard Finish Sample is credited to the first order that uses that Sample finish.

Can you match my existing finish?

With our 60 years of World-Class Finish Designing it’s likely to be in our extensive library of Standard Finishes (off-the-shelf) library.
When/If our Standard Finish (off-the-shelf) needs further Design, depending on the changes, may elevate to Custom Finish Rounds.

What does a Custom Finish Round cost?

It depends on how many Rounds it will take to achieve Customer Approval/Satisfaction.
Each “Custom Finish Round (CFD)” costs $100. Occasionally it happens on our first CFD attempt.
But, with the difficulty level of extracting “specific” “repeatable” colors from metals, conditions, paints, it’s not unusual to take 3 to 4 Rounds or MORE. .

Custom Orders Are Our Specialty

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