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Standard Finishes

Standard Metal Finishes at Palm Springs Plating

We can polish or plate on several base materials such as brass, bronze, steel, copper, stainless steel, zinc die cast and aluminum alloys plus some platable grade plastic (not raw- must have plating already on it). Furthermore, we perform all our own cleaning, stripping of worn plating or paint, polishing, paint coating, glass bead sandblasting and rack plating in-house! This gives us complete control over all processing aspects of your job and is one of the reasons we are so successful at providing high quality work.

We plate the standards: Nickel, Chrome (Hex), Brass, Bronze and Copper. We can plate them with many surface preparations: mirror bright, satin (lines), brushed, matte. We can finish the plating with wax, low gloss or high gloss clear coat.

Palm Springs Plating Metal Finishes List

This is a partial list of finishes at Palm Springs Plating. Please call for information on Custom Finishes.

PSP Code Number PSP Code Name PSP Full Name
STR/C Straight Chrome
1011 P&P Polish & Paint
1012 S&P Satin& Paint
1101 A/B Antique Brass
1102 S/B Satin Brass
1104 P/B Polish Brass
1202 S/BRZ Satin Bronze
1203 P/BRZ Polish Bronze
1303 P/C Polish Chrome
1304 S/C Satin Chrome
1405 CPR/M Matte Copper
1406 CPR/P Polish Copper
1407 CPR/S Satin Copper
1408 CPR/A Antique Copper
1609 S/BLK/N Satin Black Nickel
1610 A/N Antique Nickel
1611 BLK/N Black Nickel
1612 M/N Matte Nickel
1613 PEW#1 Pewter Light
1614 P/N Polish Nickel
1615 S/N Satin Nickel
1617 P/N/HG Nickel Polish High Gloss
1618 S/N/HG Nickel Satin High Gloss
1619 S/N/J Nickel Satin Jado
1620 PEW #2 Pewter
1621 PEW #3 Dark Pewter
1622 M/PEW #2 Matte Pewter
1623 M/PEW #1 Matte Pewter #1
1625 STR/N Straight Nickel
1626 PEW/LG #2 Pewter Low Gloss #2
1730 A/BRZ #2 Antique Bronze #2
1731 A/BRZ #1 Antique Bronze #1
1732 11B Phylrich Antique Bronze
2410 CPR/OLDK Old Copper K
2751 10B/LG #2 Rubbed Bronze Low Gloss #2
2752 10B/LG #3 Rubbed Bronze Low Gloss #3
2754 10B/LG #5 Rubbed Bronze Low Gloss #5
2756 10B/LG #7 Rubbed Bronze Low Gloss #7
2757 10B/LG #8 Rubbed Bronze Low Gloss #8
2763 10-BHG #5 Bronze High Gloss #5
2767 10-BHG #9 Bronze High Gloss #9
2772 ORB #5 Oil Rubbed Bronze #5
2775 ORB #8 Oil Rubbed Bronze #8
2781 10BW #5 Waxed Rubbed Bronze #5
2795 VG Verdi Gris (100%)
2796 VGJ Verdi Gris (50%)
2797 VGS Verdi Gris Speckled
2800 MAH Mahogany
2801 MAPL Mapleton
2808 TB/OILED Tuscan Brass Oiled
2809 TB/LG Tuscan Brass Low Gloss
2852 AGED/BRASS Aged Brass
2853 AGED/COPPER Aged Copper
2858 B/BRONZE Black Bronze
3500 S/E/B Satin Eternal Brass
3501 E/B Eternal Brass
3502 LT/G Light Gold
3507 A/G Antique Gold
3509 P/G Polish Gold
3511 S/G Satin Gold
3602 P/AG Polish Silver
3603 S/AG Satin Silver

Value Added Services

Powder Coating, PVD, Polishing, Dissasembly & Reassembly, Repairs

We like to be your one stop shop for your plating needs. To that effect we have assembled vendors at our level of quality to provide PVD (Lifetime Warranties) and Powder Coating.

For our customers convenience we offer complete disassembly, reassembly, and water testing services. We are capable of repairing on a small scale.