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Message from the CEO

Wishing all a prosperous and rewarding 2020,

Ken R. Hoffmann, President

A Message from President and CEO Ken R. Hoffmann; Palm Springs Plating

 Palm Springs Plating has entered its 25th in the plumbing and door hardware industries, there are two critical elements for continued success that still dominates our attention: “building partnerships” and “environmental stability.”

Against the backdrop of economic stress (6 years of 2% growth) confronting all businesses in 2015, we will aggressively address our challenges by creating expanded partnerships and geographic outreach.

While our past financial success has mostly been based on cost reduction and stabilization, our future success will be based on creating new, exciting and more durable finishes. We have added trivalent chrome plating for our European customers. We have crafted a strategic business plan designed to increase the number of customers we serve, expand the range of plating services provided and continue to improve the overall quality of our finishes.

Meanwhile we are ensuring the safety of our existing facility and achieving compliance with state and federal regulations across the board.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support of Palm Springs Plating. We couldn’t have achieved this success without our loyal customer base. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We look forward to providing exceptional plating and new finishes for your business, now, and for many years to come. I invite you to contact me with questions and comments ([email protected])

Breathe Easy

Palm Springs Plating is commited to leading the decorative metal finishing industry through innovative desing, client satisfaction with earth-friendly technologies, integrity, and financial strength. We are dedicated to raising the overall quality standards wihtin the industry and to maintaining an active profile wihtin the industry organization and assocaitions while working closely with th egovernment agencies and our vendors to better serve.